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Supercharge your muscle growth with Creatinol O Phosphate!

Do not be fooled by the name of this product. Anyone who thinks that this is just another of the hundreds of Creatine variations, is completely wrong. Although the name sounds similar, Creatinol O Phosphate (COP) is however, nothing to do with Creatine.

COP is a revolutionary molecule that remains stable in the body. When taken orally COP passes through the bloodstream into muscle, where it is stored. There extended anaerobic glycolysis at elevated lactate levels.

If you train at the limit, the lactate value increases in muscle. When a specific lactate levels in the body, a reaction is triggered that ultimately leads to failure. This is a protective function of the body to avoid damage to the muscle.

COP blocks this mechanism and thus allows muscle contractions even if it would normally already come to muscular failure. With regular use, therefore it is possible to more and longer to load the muscle. This sends a signal anabolic and accelerated in this manner muscle growth.

Studies have shown that are stimulated in this way muscle cells that are otherwise virtually no benefit from the training. Users report first amazing results after only seven days.


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