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In this day and age the body is more and more exposed to stress.  While external environment may be a contributing factor, it is mainly caused by an unbalanced or unhealthy diet. Toxins that are absorbed through food will be stored in the body and become a long-term burden to the organs.

Clean & Detox capsules contain a formula that helps the body to better cope with these stresses and toxins. A combination of plant extracts, coenzyme Q10 and vitamins has been developed specifically for this purpose. We use a special vegetarian capsule developed specifically for this product. The capsule contains a combination of oil and micro pellets that protect the ingredients. 

When the capsules are swallowed, the out shell will dissolve in the stomach and release its micro pallets.  Some of the micro pellets will begin to dissolve and release the first set of ingredients. Other micro pellets will dissolve at later times, as the micro pallets reaches the digestive tract. 

Each phase of ingredient release is designed for optimal efficacy in helping the body rid of its toxins.


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