Product Details

Sparkle Magik is a new concept in manicure. Achieve glossy and shiny nails that last up to two weeks with just one simple step. Use Sparkle Magik to buff and shape your nails. A few strokes of Sparkle Magik will deliver the gloss and shine to your nail. Produced with patented technology, our glass nail file is designed to last. Sparkle Magik has more than twice the usable area of most nail files in the market. With normal use, it will last at least 12 months, a very good value for your money. Sparkle Magik fits snugly into a handy pouch that you can carry in a purse or handbag.

Say good-bye to the time consuming, cumbersome multi-steps nail buffering with sponge buffers, ordinary nail files, and electric polishers. 

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