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XingbianTianxia is a nutritional product developed through years of research. It contains ionic calcium (Ca2+), astragalus polysaccharides (ASP), 21 different amino acids, Vitamin K, iron, zinc and other biological active molecules.

Calcium is involved in all physiologic activities. Besides serving as the major building block for bone and teeth, it also participates in various functions including muscle contraction, flagellar movement, morphogenesis, macrophage activity, conception, cell division, reproduction and aging, hormone secretion, and metabolism

Calcium products in the market are primarily aimed at supplementation. Different kinds of dysfunction occur when the concentration of cytoplasmic calcium becomes abnormal. XingbianTianxia is unique in that it does bi-directional regulation of calcium ions. It is capable of not only supplementing calcium, it can also reduce calcium overload. According to WHO statistics, 106 in 135 recorded human diseases are related to imbalance in calcium metabolism.