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Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the world's fastest growing internet marketing techniques to earn money online.
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  • e-Voucher - Receive a one-time e-Voucher worth S$10 for your first purchase with OlleOlle. This e-Voucher is valid for 60 days.

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  • Receive a Loyalty Rebate of up to 10% of Sales every time you place an order with OlleOlle. The rebate may be used towards your next purchase and it has no time limitation.

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  • Spread the word about OlleOlle with your friends. When they sign up as Affiliates, they will receive a S$10 e-Voucher. When they uses the e-Voucher to buy from OlleOlle, you will receive a S$5 reward in your e-Wallet.

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  • Earn up to 12% of Sale whenever an Affiliate referred by you buys a product from OlleOlle for the second time and onwards.

  • There is no limit to the number of Affiliates you may sponsor. The more Affiliates you have sponsored, the higher your potential earning.

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